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buy custom Ethical Issue essay

buy custom Ethical Issue essay Working with people is not an easy task because every person requires a personal approach and wants to be listened to and understood. It can be very difficult working with many different people in a big organization, where every single employee requires individualistic approach. Inability to build strong communication and good relations with employees forming a team of A players often leads to complications and failures for the company. This proves the necessity to be able to cooperate with every single employee and make them follow ethical norms and rules of the organization. Being a mechanical engineer in the Operation and Maintenance in the Ministry of Defense showed how important it was to have a team which respected and worked well with each other, and was focused on performing a task together. The experience allowed me to solve certain ethical issues and create an ethical conduct for the organization, so it was able to work more effectively and have the same vision. There was a certain ethical issue in Operation and Maintenance sector that contradicted professional ethics; it was discrimination that some workers felt as a result of harsh treatment by their colleagues. A problem was about senior workers being unwilling to help and explain anything to those just entering the working field. I experienced such situations very often when workers with a lot of experience did not want to communicate or help those less experienced. Interns or new workers felt like there was no one they could consult in case they had questions. That was why they felt insecure while performing their tasks which was unacceptable in Operation and Maintenance. Everything connected to engineering had to be done precisely, and there was no place for mistakes. Hence, it was expected from every worker to be a great professional who knew everything about his or her duties. Although the workers entering the field were well prepared and knew almost everything to perform their tasks well, there still were some things they did not know. As a result, they needed extra help. Basically, new workers needed their experienced colleagues to explain them more about milestones of the job, as well as its special nuances in order to do well on the working place. Hence, it was expected from senior workers to be there to support the new employees. Unfortunately, experienced workers did not fulfill this role. They did not help interns or new workers when they asked for their help. Even more, they tried to communicate with new workers as little as possible, avoiding them and not talking unless necessary. Whenever young employees asked them for something, seniors would say that they had many tasks to do and not help. The same happened many times, so young employees were left to themselves to figure out many challenges. As a result, they did not feel any support or interest toward their work from other people, which left them frustrated and unhappy with their jobs. They also di d not learn the way they had to. As a mechanical engineer, I saw many people come and leave the Ministry of Defense simply because of their relationship with coworkers. They could not communicate with them properly as well as exchange ideas, and they felt that the job was too depersonalized and they could no longer do it. As a result, this sector of Ministry of Defense had a constant flow of employees coming and leaving without staying for a long period of time. Only veterans remained for a long time, but there was a negative side to it since only few new people entered a working field, and there was no fresh blood or bright ideas coming into work. Basically, discrimination of younger workers made them feel uncomfortable with their jobs. Those who did stay did not feel like they belonged with the rest of the workers, so they did not communicate with experienced colleagues. Basically, the whole team of workers was split into two parts, one consisting of experienced colleagues unwilling to talk to younger group. It was a very bad situation for the entire organization, and it was also against professional ethics with one group discriminating the other. As a result, the organization could not work well with Operation and Maintenance sector not performing their tasks properly. This division had a lasting influence on the entire team. With the division into two groups, people simply stopped communicating; they were focused on their tasks only. Although perfectionism many employees expressed was beneficial for the organization, the lack of teamwork brought many disadvantages for the sector. The first disadvantage which was mentioned before was the fact that it was more difficult for the new employees to learn. They did not know everything needed about the job in the very beginning, and it had a negative impact on their performance; as a result, it had a negative impact on the entire sector. Another negative consequence was the attitude many people developed toward their jobs. Younger workers felt like there was little that depended on them, so they did not care much about their performance. They felt like their job did not matter, since all of the important tasks were performed by the senior workers. As a result, new employees and interns did not try to lear n a lot by themselves or surprise everyone with their knowledge and devotion to the job. Although there were some people truly eager to learn, their enthusiasm did not last for long. After being surrounded by passive coworkers for some time and with no chance of talking to other employees, enthusiastic workers lost their eagerness and became passive as well as the rest. Experienced workers, on the other hand, were more passionate about the job, viewing it as the most important thing they had to do. Nevertheless, despite their perfectionist attitude to the things they were doing, they were often very arrogant and competitive with each other to the point that they did not help their fellow workers even when it was essential. Buy custom Ethical Issue essay

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Definition and Examples of Pejorative Language

Definition and Examples of Pejorative Language The term pejorative language refers to words and phrases that hurt, insult, or disparage someone or something. Also called a  derogatory term or a term of abuse. The label pejorative (or derogatory) is sometimes used in dictionaries and glossaries to identify expressions that offend or belittle a subject. Nonetheless, a word thats regarded as pejorative in one context may have a non-pejorative function or effect in a different context. Examples and Observations of Pejorative Language It is often ... the case that pejorative terms are stronger when applied to women: bitch is seldom a compliment, whereas bastard (especially old bastard) can under some circumstances be intended as a term of respect or affection. Of similar positive status when masculine is dog (as in you old dog!, admiring a rouà ©); when feminine in reference in AmE it means an ugly woman. Witch is almost always pejorative, whereas wizard is often a compliment.(Tom McArthur, Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language. Oxford University Press, 2005)[T]here is a tendency to select our pejorative epithets with a view not to their accuracy but to their power of hurting...The best protection against this is to remind ourselves again and again what the proper function of pejorative words is. The ultimate, simplest and most abstract, is bad itself. The only good purpose for ever departing from that monosyllable when we condemn anything is to be more specific, to answer the question Bad in what way? Pejorative words are rightly used only when they do this. Swine, as a term of abuse, is now a bad pejorative word, because it brings no one accusation rather than another against the person it vilifies; coward and liar are good ones because they charge a man with a particular faultof which he might be proved guilty or innocent.  (C. S. Lewis, Studies in Words. Cambridge University Press, 1960) Pejorative Language As a  Persuasive  Strategy One important feature of a narratio  is that of characterization of the major players. The use of pejorative language was in order to dispose the audience in a particular direction toward ones own viewpoint and against that of others. Hence we hear [in the epistles of St. Paul] about false brothers secretly brought in who spy things out, or about those reputed to be pillars, or about Peters and Barnabas hypocrisy. This use of pejorative and emotional language is not accidental. It is meant to raise animus against the opposing viewpoint and sympathy for the speakers case.  (Ben Witherington, III, Grace in Galatia: A Commentary on Pauls Letter to the Galatians. TT Clark Ltd., 1998) Euphemisms and Lexical Change There are cases of euphemisms leading to lexical change in the past. For instance, imbecile originally meant weak and idiot meant non-expert, layperson. When these words had their meanings extended to soften the blow of saying that someone had very limited intellectual powers, the original meanings were obscured and eventually got lost. Unfortunately, when we use euphemisms, the unpleasant associations eventually catch up with the new word. Then it is time to find another one. (Surely, a more effective solution to the problem of reducing the hurt caused by using pejorative language is to change the attitudes of people who consciously or unconsciously use such language. Not an easy task.)(Francis Katamba, English Words: Structure, History, Usage, 2nd ed. Routledge, 2005) Rhetoric As a Pejorative Term The art of rhetoric was held in high regard from ancient Greece until late in the 19th century, occupying a prominent position in the paideia, which signified both education and culture. . . .Towards the end of the 19th century, rhetoric fell into disrepute and was no longer taught in the various educational institutions. The word rhetoric received a pejorative meaning, suggesting the use of underhanded tricks, fraud, and deceit, or the stringing together of hollow words, hackneyed expressions and mere platitudes. To be rhetorical was to be bombastic.(Samuel Ijsseling, Rhetoric and Philosophy in Conflict: An Historical Survey, 1975. Trans. from the Dutch by Paul Dunphy. Martinus Nijhoff, 1976)Rhetoric is not a term to embrace lightly; it is too pockmarked by a century in which it has been deemed to be associated merely with sophistication (in the less positive sense of that word), cant and emptiness. It has seemed to suggest a state in which language floats free of its context and th us becomes deracinated, superfluousperhaps inflatedand ultimately meaningless. This palsied view of rhetoric is not new, however. The earliest recorded pejorative reference to rhetoric in English, according to the OED, dates from the mid-sixteenth century. Plato was fiercely critical of it. It seems that the epithetic phrase sweet rhetoric has been particularly far from peoples mouths in the last hundred years or so.(Richard Andrews, Introduction. Rebirth of Rhetoric: Essays in Language, Culture and Education. Routledge, 1992)

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Musical Rent Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Musical Rent - Essay Example Most of these artists and musicians spent most of their time living in Lower East Side of New York City during the period of Bohemian Alphabet City. All this things were happening under the looming shadow of AIDS. This paper provides a review of musical rental, including an argument about its relevancy to the contemporary world. The musical rent describes the life of young adults who chose to live in Bohemian lifestyle. This appealing song has been performed under a series of stage designers, performers and directors (Larson & Ed 56). Despite of the numerous productions under different directors, the play has been appealing to the audience for a very long time. This play addresses several types of social issues such as sexual problems, alcohol and drugs among the young adults. The theme of the play is not presented in the form of a fiction but it is realistic, and the characters discuss the social issues in the play. Most of the young adults in the play have adapted the Bohemian life style, but they still thrive in poverty (Larson & Ed 56). Most audiences’ hearts are touched by the struggle and love stories of different young couples in the play. The School of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies, this year performed this play, and it was an remarkable job. The director of the play might have considered several factors about how the play will be performed.

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Public Finance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Public Finance - Assignment Example The point E shows the equilibrium point where P=Q. Subsequently, this is the point where the Marginal Revenue is equal to the Marginal Cost. This means that the value of the wine produced is virtually equal to the wine not produced hence an efficient output, Solow (1998). In the event where the wine industry is consolidated into a large monopoly firm, the unit price of wine will rise to $ 7 per bottle with 75000 bottles produced. Monopolists are price makers since they do not face any competition. Therefore, the monopoly is at will to increase the prices to $7, a $2 increase. With this effect, their demand curve is price inelastic. Therefore, monopolists try to maximize profits by setting output at the point where MR=MC, Telser (1987). Point X shows the price that is adjusted upwards by the monopoly. In this case, it is $ 7. Subsequently, point E represents the equilibrium where MR=MC with 75000 units produced. In this case, therefore, the output is not efficient since the price is greater than the Marginal Cost. This means that the utility obtained from wine consumption is greater than the utility forwent, Nikaidō (1975). Additionally, the shaded area in the graph represents the loss in the net benefits due to a subsequent reduction in production and utility, Triffin

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Daniel Pearl :: essays research papers

The tape began with the Wall Street Journal reporter saying, "My name is Daniel Pearl. I'm a Jewish-American. My father is Jewish. My mother is Jewish. I am a Jew." Then, looking at the camera, he recounted numerous family visits to Israel and noted that a street in a town in Israel was named after his great-grandfather, who was one of the founders of the town. Pearl's kidnappers had accused him of being an agent for the CIA and for the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency. The Wall Street Journal and the U.S. government adamantly denied that he was a spy. The family of Daniel Pearl has established a charity "to support the causes to which he dedicated his life." Following the discussion of Pearl's heritage, there was a clear edit in the tape. Pearl can be seen looking at the camera and struggling to make statements from memory. "Not knowing anything about my situation, not being able to communicate with anybody, and only now do I think about some of the people in Guantanamo Bay. They must be in a similar situation, and I have come to realize that this is the sort of problem that Americans are going to have anywhere in the world now," he said. Among the demands Pearl's kidnappers had made is that Pakistani nationals being held by the U.S. military at the Guantanamo Bay base in Cuba be released. The detainees are associated with the al Qaeda network and the deposed Taliban government of Afghanistan. Pearl then looked off camera and makes this statement: "We can't be secure, we can't walk around free, as long as our government policies are continuing and we allow them to continue." There is another clear edit in the tape, and Pearl then is shown saying, "We as Americans cannot continue to bear the consequences of our government's actions, such as the unconditional support of the state of Israel." In the tape, Pearl does not appear to have been beaten. In some segments, his hair is mussed, while in others, it is slicked back. The section of the videotape where Pearl is seen speaking lasts about 90 seconds. As he speaks, pictures of bodies and funerals and words, such as "Afghanistan," are superimposed on the screen. According to Chung, that portion of the tape is then followed by a 50-second section containing graphic scenes of violence against Pearl.

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Playa Dorada Upload Essay

Goals of expansion strategy The goal of Douglas Hall, which is currently in charge of creating an expansion strategy for Playa Dorada is to create a new expansion strategy in long term which may be by creating new facilities for people using tennis courts and increase the efficiency of the actual existing tennis courts by modifying or optimizing playing hours or pricing of the courts. Additional to this Hall needs to satisfy all parties existing at Playa Dorada, including the following departments: -Research operations / low investment, easy to manage -Marketing Sales / new tennis club house, lounge and shop -Finance / cash flow and ROI -Development / blending into nature and exotic architecture -Create an expansion strategy quickly -Satisfy all parties Offered adjustments and solutions in the case -Readjust pricing strategies -Build new courts Problem definition internal and external -guest expect to double soon -increasing demand of tennis activities – not being able to keep the upholding trend -land limitation for additional courts -primary: capacity fulfilment and pricing structure -overcrowding can result in decrease of sales in houses -satisfy all parties needs The problem of Playa Dorada internally and externally are the facts that the demand for the tennis courts is growing steadily and intensively. The amount of guest wanting to use the available tennis courts is forecasted to double  the next years. Therefore the existing tennis courts cannot keep up with the raising trend of using tennis facilities at the Playa Dorada beach resort, which can result in unsatisfied guests, because they cannot use the desired tennis facilities during their holidays. Being unsatisfied guests can want to change the resort for holiday in the following holiday seasons because Playa Dorada is overcrowded and desired activities cannot be done. In addition to this the tennis courts are mainly utilized by guests that are visiting the resort for the second and third time. Guest that are at Playa Dorada for the first time usually prefer to use the beach as a major tourist attraction rather then play tennis or golf at the resort. Another issue that exists is the limitation for additional tennis courts. The demand for more tennis facilities could be stilled by building new tennis courts. The problem is that there is only space in order to build only four additional tennis courts which might only help in the short term of stilling the growing demand as forecasts are expecting continuous growth. The efficiency usage of the actual tennis courts is another problem as those usage seems not to be maximized in terms of capacity. The currently existing tennis courts are usually available around 8am in the morning and with the sun going down in the evening. Too many guests are the general issue. Additionally the pricing structure might be resettled in order to still the demand for the available tennis courts. The existing high amount of guests and being overcrowded in some departments at Playa Dorada Inc. can result in a decrease of sales in Playa Dorada’s main profit activity, the sale of villas on the resort. Not dealing with the high demand of guests, and trying to satisfy all needs can result in huge losses and decrease of ROI for Playa Dorada as their villas need a huge investment to be build. This could cause a general existing issue for the whole Playa Dorada Inc. At least there exists the issue of satisfying all parties and departments inside Playa Dorada as long as they do not have the same expectations. All departments have different priorities and Hall needs to identify the most relevant ones and to find compromises for all parties included. Customer Analysis -families with kids -income more than 125000$ a year -9-10 days resort vacations -customer play tennis during morning hours and late afternoon -customers usually play one hour -prefer clay courts -prefer less humidity and good climate The customers of Playa Dorada Inc are in general families with one or two kids with parents that have the average income of 125000$ and belong to higher positions in companies or organizations such as managers. In average those families spend about 9-10 days at the beach resort in spring or winter. According the tennis courts the customers usually prefer to play not more than one hour in the morning around 9-11 am or the late afternoon 4-6 pm which are the preferred and most desired playing hours. The grown up customers which are usually the parents within the families are the main clients for the courts, providing most profitability. Those customers prefer clay courts as they are not as hard as the rubber latex ones. Many clients like to refuse from the rubber latex courts as it might hurt their bones. Company analysis Strengths (Ranked from 1 strong to 6 less important) -brand image well known for quality and in general – brand awareness (2) -many activities in resort as tennis golf and so on (4) -Good location tourist destination for holidays (3) -steadily high increasing demand of facilities and high interest of clients for the Playa Dorada in the last few years (1) -74% of guests well educated (6) -clients with high income (5) PD is already having a strong brand awareness among customers. The resort is known for being a luxurious place for well educated people with a higher then average income. PDs beach resort focuses on this people and creates a community for well educated and high income people. Many guests like the weather and the activities the resort offers and for this reason they buy accommodations or return to the resort in the following years. In addition to this the resort is located in Boca Raton, Florida where the weather is  good during the winter season and American families can travel there quite fast without long flights to tropical and exotic places. Therefore the demand for PDs beach resort is steadily growing what is another strength for the company as it provides temporary safety in visitors and allows to forecast that at least the amount of clients should not decrease in the short term. At least the high income of clients allows higher prices and provides clients which are more willing to spend money during their holiday period. Those clients arrived to spend their money in order to recover and have a nice time at the beach resort. Weaknesses (Ranked from 1 strong to 8 less important) -being unable to deal with increasing demand already (1) -in summer courts are not fully used (4) -no possibility to play at darkness (5) -no courts available during most desired playing hours 9-11 am and 4-6 pm (3) -players playing more than one hour with the usage of discounts, blocking courts for others (6) -fees from maintenance costs of preferred clay courts (7) -fees from maintenance and services for housekeeping (8) -intensive advertising and promotion of tennis activities (2) The weaknesses the resort is facing are big disparities in the amount of clients during summer and winter periods as well as a lack of usage of the tennis courts during the summer period. Secondly the usage of the courts in the winter period is overcrowded what results in unsatisfied clients. The usage of courts is limited, playing in hours of darkness is not possible and the pricing structure for the plays is not actual to the existing demand. Fees of maintaining the houses and clay courts are high. Additionally the marketing strategy of advertising and promoting the tennis courts is not on time anymore as the courts do not have to be advertised anymore. Opportunities (Ranked from 1 big to 6 low) -popularity of tennis is growing in general as trend sports (5) -tourism in Florida steadily growing (4) -continuous increasing demand of PD and growing brand awareness at customers (2) -increasing demand of guest and buyers (1) -automatization of labour providing more efficiency, lower labour costs and higher margins (6) -budget used for advertising tennis courts can be used more efficiently (3) The opportunities of Pc are the fact that the whole tourism industry in Florida is steadily gaining popularity and is continuously growing. Additionally to this the demand of tennis courts is growing as tennis seems to be a trendy sport at this times. When PD will be able to fulfil the needs of customers according attractions in PD a good future for the profit of the organization can be existent. In addition to this margins can be increased by automized labour which can decrease labour costs. At least the budget of advertising the tennis court can be cancelled in order to use the money more efficient in another investment. Threats (Threats ranked from 1 big to 8 low) -overcrowding of facilities (2) -being unable to satisfy clients (1) -falling brand recognition (destruction of PD) and amount of clients (4) -no sales of housing (3) -no ROI (6) -high disparity of guest between summer and winter time (5) -substitutes available outside the resort (8) -continuous advertising might higher demand even more (7) Playa Dorada might have to face many dangerous threats in future, when not dealing with the issue of overcrowding at its sports facilities in the resort. Staying overcrowded and not satisfying customers needs like providing tennis courts might result in a falling brand awareness of PD and a loss in clients. This loss in clients would be highly dangerous because the sporting facilities are mainly used by returning clients to the resort. Clients that spend their first time at the resort prefer spending their free time at the beach rather than do active sports. Without satisfied returning clients sports facilities might be completely unused what would result a big decrease in ROI and increase cost for the whole organization. In addition to this, spoiling its reputation of being a luxury and good place for people to spend their  holidays in would result in a lower demand for clients that might buy housing at the PD beach resort. This would cause a giant loss in the company’s biggest profit department and the huge investment of building houses would not pay off. The existence of the whole PD resort would have been challenged. Another threat PD could face is a bigger disparity of clients during the winter and summer period. With a new investment in new tennis courts the demand in the high season might be filled but in the low season even more facilities might be unused and useless. Therefore it would be questionable if the investment would pay back for the new courts. Without building this new courts in the resort the high demand might shift to other tennis courts outside the beach resort. Clients might be desperate to play tennis and not getting any courts and change to another provider outside the resort that is less problematic. Once the clients have gone and will be satisfied, the possibility that they will come back is rather small. Therefore the loss of clients might be very expensive for the tennis courts department. Recommendations Short term -build lights at existing courts to provide playing at night -avoid discounts at pricing to not encourage people to play longer -higher prices as demand is very high in order to increase profit and ROI and lower the amount of clients -higher prices during rush hours of tennis courts -stop with advertising the tennis courts, advertise other sports facilities as golf In the short term Hall needs to increase the efficiency of the already existing tennis courts. This might happen with the building of lighting at the tennis courts so that some clients that want to play tennis might play it in the hours of darkness. Installing lights is an investment but it does  not take much time compared to building new courts and is rather small. In addition to this all discount strategies have to be cancelled as PD does not want clients to play more than one hour but to increase profits and ROI of the tennis courts already existing. Another issue is that the more clients can play during one day the satisfied the mass will be. In opposite the prices for renting the court for a second hour might be slightly higher. This will make clients not even think about playing another hour just because it is cheaper. Furthermore clients will still be satisfied as they already have played on the courts this special day. If necessary it is possible to advice them to play for a normal price at hours where the courts will not be fully used. Another increase in pricing should be made during rush hours of playing at the tennis courts with the reason that this times (9-11 am and 4-6 pm) are the most popular among clients. Clients that really consists on playing at those hours will be more willing to pay. Finally the advertising for the tennis courts has to stop because the courts are already facing a too high amount of customers in the high season. The marketing strategy may be modified to advertise the courts at low season by for example providing different tournaments or events at the tennis courts (further information see long term strategy). Long term – tournaments and events in low season (tennis courts might be used differently) – build two new tennis courts to answer the demand – you can explain your potential clients that you are reacting to their expectations it might show them that investing in PD beach resort is reasonable – find another facility in the beach resort which needs to be promoted or use the money from advertising for other investments as new tennis courts in new  regions – if still needed after all the actions because of very high demand, build new courts at another locations of the park – if locations might be far away you can provide transport services (golf cars) in order to bring your clients to the new tennis courts As shortly described in the short term strategy, in the low season more clients can be attracted to the usage of the tennis courts by providing different tournaments or events on the ground of the tennis courts such as different games for kids or tennis tournaments. The advertisement of the tennis courts itself has to stop and to be modified in order to not attract too many clients as their expectations cannot be fully satisfied. Advertising should promote another sports activity in the resort that might need more clients or at least promote the events or tennis at the tennis courts in the low season in order to attract customers when they are needed. In addition to this techniques two more tennis courts have to be build in the area that is already provided in order to cover the forecasted raise of clients in the next years. The building of more tennis courts right now is not necessary as it is hard to forecast how pricing, advertising and lightning at the courts described in the short term strategies will influence the demand for tennis courts in the long term. The building of two new tennis courts can be used as a marketing strategy in order to show clients that PD is solving the issue of too many clients at the tennis courts that will create a feeling of safety in potential customers of houses showing them that this is the right place to invest in houses. If there still will be relevant increasing of clients at the tennis courts, new clay courts might have to be build in another location of the PD beach resort. In order to make the new courts attractive to the clients as they might be  far away from the current tennis courts, PD might provide a transport service for clients to drive them to the new tennis courts with for example with small electrical vehicles as golf cars. The transport services might be cheap to not distract clients and just cover the cost of installing the vehicles and maintenance. If the demand for this transport services will be unexpected high it might be turned into a profit activity and expanded through the whole resort.

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How Did College Basketball Form And How Has It Changed...

How did college basketball form and how has it changed over the years? Basketball is one of the most watched or frequently played sport in history, on top of soccer, football, or baseball. In this essay, I will answer the question, and tell about some important events in basketball history. Basketball started in 1891. It has now grown into one of the most popular sports in history. Basketball was invented in December 1891 by Canadian James W. Naismith. An instructor at the YMCA Training School in Massachusetts, he sought a suitable indoor game to keep his students fit and warm during the cold New England winters. With wire mesh backboards. He formulated 13 rules, most of which still apply today. In 1893, the first women’s game was played at the Smith College, in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. And soon to spread all over the world. Rules of the game of basketball. Basketball is a team sport. Two teams of five players each try to score by shooting a ball through a hoop elevate d 10 feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular floor called the court, and there is a hoop at each end. The court is divided into two main sections by the mid-court line. If the offensive team puts the ball into play behind the mid-court line, it has ten seconds to get the ball over the mid-court line. If it doesn t, then the defense gets the ball. Once the offensive team gets the ball over the mid-court line, it can no longer have possession of the ball in the area in back of theShow MoreRelatedShould College Athletes Be Paid?1721 Words   |  7 Pagesas the â€Å"Fab Five†, and their star player was Chris Webber. Throughout all four years they made millions of dollars for their athletic department as well as for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), but while doing so they somehow seemed to be making a large amount of money themselves. The public did not want to believe they could be taking part in gambling as Chris Webber would talk about how he did not have enough money to buy even a Big Mac from the dollar menu at McDonalds, soRead MoreEssay about The Origin of the Game of Basketball1391 Words   |  6 Pagesout. Down by 2, the team has a chance to win the game. The whistle blows and the clock winds down, 5...The ball is passed in†¦4†¦the point guard dribbles around the key†¦3†¦the ball is passed to the shooting guard†¦2†¦the shooting guard passes it back to the point guard†¦1†¦the point guard shoots from behind the 3-point line†¦0. Countless fans across the globe may get thrills while watching an intense minor or professional basketball game, although, few actually know where or how this widely popular sportRead MoreBasketball : The Game Of Basketball1521 Words   |  7 PagesThe game of basketball started in December 1891. Basketball was founded by a Canadian born instructor named James Naismith at the Young Men’s Christian Association training school in Spri ngfield, Massachusetts. The YMCA developed rules for the game which were later used in high schools, colleges, and settlement houses. The game grew bigger and popular in a lot of areas. Particularly in urban areas, where games were sponsored by schools, social clubs, churches, and companies. Colleges sponsored tournamentsRead MoreIndia And China s President Of The United States1553 Words   |  7 Pageshelp encourage the audience to help improve the way we think, teach, and even learn (Obama). Throughout many years, the United States has become deeper in debt; therefore, Obama decided to help our country prosper more by taking responsibility for our deficit and helping to reduce it (Obama). In the beginning of the speech, India and China were referenced in relation to education and how they have begun teaching children sooner, longer, and more in the areas of science and math in order to competeRead MoreThe Basketball Association And The Nba1635 Words   |  7 PagesThe National B asketball Association, or the NBA, is a men’s professional basketball league in the USA. The National Basketball Association was born in 1949 after the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League merged as one. Maurice Podoloff was elected head of the new league that consisted of seventeen teams which came from cities and towns all across the country. The NBA did not have a great start with its teams dwindling to only eight teams in the 1950s. At this pointRead MoreThe Ethics Of Amateurism And College Athletes1645 Words   |  7 Pagestopics in democratic America. And, with the rising popularity of college athletics, particularly football, compensation (or lack thereof) for college athletes has recently been a hot topic in American sports. While some of the debate stems from the similarity between responsibilities college athletes have to their programs and those of professionals, most of the issue involves the principles of amateurism. Recent â €Å"scandals† involving college athletes such as Terrelle Pryor, Johnny Manziel, and Todd GurleyRead MoreThe American Dream By Thomas Wolfe1556 Words   |  7 Pagescombine to make him. The american dream has changed from the 1920s to the present dramatically. The 1920s was a decade of exciting social changes and profound cultural conflicts Sexual mores, gender roles, hairstyles, and dress all changed profoundly during the 1920s. But for many others, the United States seemed to be changing in undesirable ways. The result was a thinly veiled cultural civil war, in which a pluralistic society clashed bitterly over such issues as foreign immigration, evolutionRead More90s Hip Hop and Rap1320 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst started to come together in the 1970 s, but didn t really materialize and become popular until the 1990 s. With a huge surge in popularity and growth in the 1990 s, it seemed that rap and hip-hop had started a cultural phenomenon that still has noticeable effects easily seen today in music and also in pop culture. A cultural phenomenon is an idea, trend, or movement that shapes and defines that time period. During the 1990 s, rap and hip-hop spread like wild fire across the nation, fromRead MoreNarrative Of The Disappearing, Native American, By Thomas King, The Truth About Stories1532 Words   |  7 Pageseveryone in the class. This class will be titled, â€Å"Stories: Their Influence and Power.† This class will focus on how stories have the abilities to change people’s lives, and will especially focus on the context of stories in the lives of Native Americans. This class is extremely important because it will give students insight into not only Native stories, but into their own stories and how their lives have been impacted by them. This class will focus around excerpts from the book by Thomas King, TheRead MoreAncient And Modern Day Olympics1335 Words   |  6 PagesEvery four years, the whole world anticipates the Olympic games where thousands of athletes participate in a variety of sports. The Olympics are a part of western civilization, and it is one of the many parts given to us by Greek and Roman civilizations. The extent at which the various civilizations have been influenced can be seen through the similarities and differences between the ancient and modern Olympics. For example, women were not allowed to participate in the ancient Greek games. On